Welcome to Cerulean Enviro Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Cerulean Enviro Tech Pvt. Ltd. Our company is dedicated to research and development of new products related to environment and we offer services for waste water management. We offer solutions in water recycling, purification. Our expertise is in grey water recycling and we hold a patented process for the same.

Grey water is the waste water generated from Industrial canteens, restaurant and hotel kitchens due to washing of utensils, vegetables, dishwashers, hand washing in sinks etc. It does not contain human waste or sewage and hence is different from STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) or ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

If treated separately, grey water has a potential to be used for various purposes such as cooling towers, toilet flushing, floor cleaning, gardening or even dish washing after proper treatment and disinfection. Recycling grey water can reduce the load on raw water consumption which is extremely essential in water scarcity areas with high water requirements.


"Provide solutions to manage reusable resources by recycling thus creating clean environment for future generations."


"Recycle natural resources to conserve them for future generations by providing innovative technologies and solutions with quality products, professional services and technical support."

Recycling Initiatives